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Dead Goats in Muscoy

Why People Choose Gulley's Livestock Disposal

For the past 13 years, people in Muscoy have chosen Gulley's Livestock Disposal in the unfortunate event that they need deceased animal removal services. Here are just a few of the reasons why we're leading trusted provider of this delicate service in Muscoy:

When your animal companion passes away, you'll likely find yourself in shock, even if the death was a foreseeable event. In the case of an animal's unexpected passing, this shock can be stressful. It's hard to even know what to do in a situation so difficult. Fortunately, Gulley's Livestock Disposal has the practical solutions you need during this emotional time for you and your family. When you call us, we'll take care of all of the logistics and details of your deceased animal removal, so that you can process your loss and eventually, move on with your life.

Many of our customers choose to have a necropsy performed on their animals after its passing. Sometimes, this procedure is conducted at the request of insurance companies while other times, it's done in order to determine an animal's cause of death. In either case, Gulley's Livestock Disposal is honored to provide safe transport of the deceased animal from the property to the necropsy lab. There, licensed necropsy pathologists will examine the animal and deliver the final results.

Affordable Dead Animal Removal Muscoy

When you hire Gulley's Livestock Disposal, you won't be left with a heavy financial burden after the loss of your large animal. Our professional animal removal services are affordable, and we keep our prices low without sacrificing safety or cleanliness. Unlike other large animal removal services driven by profit alone, we genuinely care about the wellbeing of our customers and their animals—so much so that we treat them like family.

Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Services Muscoy

Our convenient pickup services let you get back to your lives after the loss of your animal. Gulley's Livestock Disposal offers 24/7 emergency services, and we are equipped to pick up and dispose of any large animal. You can request same day pickup or make an appointment for prompt animal removal services. At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, we also provide safe and reliable transportation to the San Bernardino state lab for necropsy.

Family Owned and Operated

Gulley's Livestock Disposal is a family owned and operated business based right out of the High Desert. We care deeply about the families and animals in the Southern California area and are dedicated to providing careful and dignified horse removal and other large animal removal services. We recognize that this sensitive process must be executed properly for you family's peace of mind.

Compassionate Deceased Animal Removal Muscoy

As horse owners ourselves, we at Gulley's Livestock Disposal understand the intense grieving process that goes along with losing a large animal who has become part of the family. Our professional dead animal removal and livestock disposal professionals are empathetic and handle your animal with respect. We're friendly and compassionate people, and we'll be there for you and your family in your time of need. From the time we answer the phone to the moment we help you say goodbye to your beloved animal, we'll offer you kind words, a friendly face, and a shoulder to lean on during the entire ordeal.

Experienced Animal Removal Company Muscoy

At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, we've been offering our reliable and compassionate horse removal and large animal removal services since 2006. We're experts at what we do, and perhaps most importantly, we know how much it matters. Our deceased animal removal professionals treat your animal and your family with the utmost care and reverence. Our technicians are highly skilled in dead animal removal and transportation and trained to deal with grieving families.

Local Providers Create A Circle of Care

Gulley's also works closely with local veterinarians and cremators throughout the Southern California area, creating a circle of highly skilled and caring professionals to take care of your animal during his or her final moments and beyond.

On Call 24/7 for Dead Animal Removal Muscoy

At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, our customers are always our number one priority. And that's not just something we say. It shows! Our family owned and operated business is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to guarantee we'll be available when you need us the most. Call us anytime day or night, and we'll be there right away to assist you with the professional services you and your animal deserve. Our services are timely and reliable, so you'll have an advocate you can trust in your time of uncertainty. That's just what we do.

Comprehensive Dead Animal Removal Services Muscoy

At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, there's no job too large or complex for us to tackle. We're fully licensed and equipped to handle any deceased animal removal. Our full range of livestock removal services include the following:

  • Donkey Removal
  • Horse Removal
  • Cow Removal
  • Steer Removal
  • Mule Removal
  • Llama Removal

We do it all! Plus, we're also family owned and operated, and we'll treat your beloved animal like it was our very own—from the time we arrive to pick it up to the time we reach its final destination.

When you need livestock disposal services, it's not wise to call just anyone. Gulley's Livestock Disposal has over 13 years of experience in providing professional dead animal removal services in the Southern California area. Over the years, we've built strong relationships with animal caregivers and professionals throughout Southern California. In the unlikely event that we don't have the resources to provide the service you need or desire, chances are we know someone who does and can call in a favor for you. We're also a family of horse owners ourselves, so we can relate to the unique ordeal our customers are going through after the tragic loss of a horse or other large animal that's become a beloved part of the family.

Safe, Reliable Transportation for Livestock Disposal

Fully Licensed and Equipped Vehicles

When you trust your animal to our care after its passing, we take that responsibility very seriously. That's why we take care to choose the right equipment for the job. The vehicles we employ for large animal removal and transportation are fully licensed and insured. Plus, they undergo annual inspections to ensure they're up to the job and that they meet all federal and state regulations for safe dead animal transport. At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, we use state of the art equipment combined with good old fashioned hard work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Skilled, Careful Drivers for Deceased Animal Transport in Muscoy

At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, we employ only the most experienced and skilled drivers to transport your animal after picking it up from your property. These drivers are compassionate people, and they understand the importance of their delicate cargo. Whether you've picked to have the deceased animal moved to a burial site, crematory, or necropsy lab, we'll make sure it arrives securely and without incident.

Take Advantage of Our Local Network of Compassionate Providers

At Gulley's Livestock Disposal, we've spent years building a trusted network of leading animal care providers, including veterinarians, cremators, and pathologists, for example. When you hire us, you'll have access to this circle of care and therefore, be able to provide your animal with the most dignified farewell possible.


Gulley's Livestock Disposal has built professional relationships with caring and compassionate veterinarians throughout Southern California, including providers in Orange County, Riverside, Yucca Valley and Indio, Antelope Valley (Kern County), and of course, High Desert. We can even arrange for a veterinarian to be there after an animal has been put down. Some of the trusted local vets we work with on a regular basis include:

Yucca Valley and Indio
Rachel Reedy, DVM
Mirona D. Petrus, DVM Inc.
Desert Equine Veterinary Hospital
Dr. James H. Clark & Associates

Orange County
Mark Secor DVM Inc.
Equine Veterinary Services
Equine Medical Associates

High Desert
Wayne D. Marteney, DVM
Mojave River Equine

Antelope Valley (Kern County)
Wayne D. Marteney, DVM
Byerly Veterinary Services

Riverside County
Gary S. Cash, DVM
Tiffany K. Porter, DVM

Animal Cremation Services Muscoy

Cremation is a popular choice for large animal owners after their pet's passing. With cremation, you can still have a memorial service, and you'll be offered a personalized urn containing your animal companion's ashes.

At Gulley's Livestock, we have close connections with two local cremation facilities:

Guardian Animal Aftercare
D&D Cremation Services

These local crematories have facilities large enough to handle horses and other livestock and provide the most compassionate aftercare possible for large animals and their families. They offer many different options for animal owners and will work closely with you to personalize your experience.

Together, we'll ensure that your beloved animal receives a respectful send off, no matter how you choose to say goodbye.

Livestock Removal

  • Servicing Southern California areas
  • Call for pick-up, pricing information and options
  • Same day pick-up or appointment with 24 hours’ notice
Gulley’s Livestock Disposal is a family owned and locally operated business that has compassion for their clients and the ordeal they’re going through

Lab Transportation

Transport for necropsy examination

You can rely on Gulley's Livestock Disposal to provide transportation to the state laboratory in San Bernardino for necropsy examination 24/7.

Our professionals will make sure that the animal is transported quickly and safely. Call us for more information.