Livestock Disposal Service

Antelope Valley Livestock Disposal

According to government regulations, it is the duty of the animal owner to dispose of dead livestock according to all state and local guidelines. These guidelines are put in place to protect the environment (including all land and water resources) and to promote the safety and well being of the citizens of California.

Livestock Burial

In the state of California, deceased livestock may be buried on the land owner’s property if desired as long as the property is over a quarter of a mile away from any public property such as a highway or park, for instance, or any other private property. Livestock must also be buried at least three feet deep.

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Dead Animal Removal and Transportation

Deceased animals require prompt removal from any private property unless the land owner wishes to bury the animal on their property in accordance with state and local guidelines. In order to properly transport dead animals away from the property for disposal, an official permit must be issued and renewed annually.

Vehicles Used for Deceased Animal Removal

In order to receive a dead animal removal permit, individuals and businesses must have the vehicles used to transport animals inspected regularly. The vehicle must have a watertight, metal body, and deceased animals must be covered with tarps at all times during transport. Permits issued for the purpose of large animal removal transport authorizes the vehicle to travel on any public highway in the state of California.

Benefits of Hiring Gulley’s Livestock Disposal

When you hire a professional experienced in dead animal removal services, you’ll never have to worry about the restrictive rules and regulations that govern deceased animal disposal. Gulley’s Livestock Disposal strictly adheres to all federal and state laws regulating horse removal, dead animal removal, and deceased livestock transportation.

Fully-Equipped to Handle Any Livestock Disposal Job

At Gulley’s Livestock Disposal, we have the tools and equipment to handle any large animal removal job with skill and sensitivity. Our vehicles are annually inspected to follow state-issued guidelines regulating dead animal transportation, and we take great care in transporting livestock safely and securely. 24/7 Emergency Dead Animal Removal and Livestock Disposal

Gulley’s Livestock Disposal is on call day or night to attend to your dead animal removal needs. We’ll ensure your deceased animal is removed promptly and disposed of according to all federal and state laws and guidelines. We can even accommodate special requests so long as they do are not in violation of these laws and regulations.