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Know Your Options for Dead Animal Removal and Disposal

When choosing a deceased animal removal service, it’s important to know exactly what your options are. At Gulley’s Livestock Disposal, we offer our valued customers every option that the law allows for deceased animal removal, transportation, and disposal. These options include:

  • Horse Cremation
  • Large Animal Cremation
  • Animal Burial Service
  • Necropsy

When you hire Gulley’s Livestock Disposal for dead animal removal services, you will remain in control of the process at all times, and we’ll do everything we can (under the law) to accommodate your wishes for your animal’s remains. We know that this is a trying time, and we are here to help by providing our services as well as our support and condolences.

Gulley’s Necropsy Transportation Services

Why Necropsy? Many horse owners and other large animal owners choose necropsy after the death of their animal. Necropsy is the term for a thorough examination of the animal postmortem and is equivalent to a human autopsy. There are various reasons animal owners choose to have a necropsy performed. Sometimes a necropsy is required for insurance purposes. Other times, it may be necessary to determine the cause of death, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected. A necropsy is a complex and potentially hazardous procedure, so it must be performed by a licensed pathologist.

necropsy transportation

Necropsy Transportation: How It Works

In addition to standard deceased animal removal services, Gulley’s Livestock Disposal also offers reliable necropsy transportation. If you choose necropsy for your deceased animal, we’ll provide safe transport of the animal to the state laboratory in San Bernardino.

24/7 Deceased Animal Transportation Services

Whether your horse or other large animal dies suddenly or has to be put down, you can call Gulley’s Livestock Disposal to make an appointment for pick up and transportation services (with a 24 hour notice) or request an emergency same-day pick up.

Caring Necropsy Transport

When we arrive to pick up your deceased animal for necropsy, we’ll do everything in our power to make this transition as smooth as possible for the animal as well as for you, the owner. We’re large animal owners ourselves, and we know exactly the toll the loss of an animal takes on the entire family. At Gulley’s Livestock Disposal, our necropsy services are discrete and reverent, and we take great care to preserve the animal’s dignity throughout the process.

Fully-Equipped, Licensed Vehicles for Necropsy Transport

Our vehicles are specifically licensed and equipped for deceased animal removal and necropsy transport. They undergo routine inspections and can be trusted to transport your animal securely during his or her final ride. At Gulley’s Livestock Disposal, we follow all state and federal guidelines regarding dead animal transport and livestock disposal.

It is important to note that once the animal remains have been transported to San Bernardino for necropsy, they will not be returned to the animal’s owner. According to the lab, this protocol has been established for health and safety purposes and unfortunately, it is beyond our control.